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In Texas, drunk driving offenses can be prosecuted under a charge of DWI or driving while intoxicated if the concentration of alcohol in the driver’s body is higher than the established limit by law. Repeated offenses can lead to more serious penalties and eventually to a third degree felony.

DWI and DUI are separate charges in Texas and so are their penalties. If someone is found to be driving while intoxicated, he might be charged with the following:

  Heavy fines
  Alcohol use monitoring
  Jail sentences
  Ignition interlock devices
  Community service
  Required prescription of anti-alcohol drugs
 Loss of license

Penalties increase with each subsequent offense and you may have to pay up for the damages that are incurred to pedestrians, other motorists, or owners of property. Charges of DWI can cause a lot of damages to your personal reputation. An attorney's experience is a fundamental factor to consider when choosing a DWI lawyer.

Our Fort Bend DWI attorneys at The Wadhawan Law Firm provide you with free consultations where legal options are discussed.