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Criminal convictions can have a huge impact in your professional and personal life. People who face criminal charges might have to pay heavy fines or serve jail-time. Charges involving narcotics or drugs can be very serious because they carry heavy penalties even for first-time offenders. The U.S. Controlled Substances Act has set a criterion about what constitutes criminal offenses in drug possession, manufacture, sale, and abuse.

According to federal and state laws, the following substances can be considered as drugs:

  Altered over-the-counter drugs
  Illegally prescribed or abuse of any prescribed drugs
  Other illegal substances

If you face any drug charges in Texas, you need one of the most experienced drug defense lawyers available, who will use the law to protect your rights and defend your freedom.

For protecting your legal rights, you are entitled with a free trial and you must consult someone who is experienced in drug defense in order to minimize your penalties and charges. Law enforcement takes drug offenses very seriously and perpetrators can be prosecuted in court. The punishment severity for any drug crime depends on the substance type, intent of possession, quantity and federal, state, and local laws. If you or anyone you know has been arrested for drunk driving, you can call our Houston drug attorney at The Wadhawan Law Firm for representation and counsel. We are here to help you and will make sure you get the best possible ruling in your favor.

Our Houston Drug Attorney can help you with charges of the following crimes:

  Possession of any controlled Substance
  Driving under influence of Drugs
  Intent to sell
  Illegal use of drugs