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When you need a high-level defense of your rights anywhere in the Houston, TX area , the attorneys of The Wadhawan Law Firm are ready to protect your rights. Don't let a Houston DWI ruin your career, relationships or your life. By helping several people charged with DWI in Houston (Harris County), Attorney Tony Wadhawan has become known as "The DWI Guy". Many lawyers in Houston, TX state they handle DWI cases. Be vigilant. Many may not comprehend the intricate science following DWI prosecution. We are highly trained DWI Defenders. We will fight hard to help maintain your license, reduce fines, save your job, keep you out of jail and, keep you from having a criminal record.

You have just 15 days to challenge the suspension of your license. Call our Houston DWI lawyers for a free DUI/DWI consultation with case evaluation now. Because it is not just about your license; it might also cost you your job and freedom. Just being charged with a DWI does not mean that you are guilty. The government has a high quality team of police officers, scientists and government lawyers who will do everything they can do to convict you. What you need is an utmost skilled team of DWI lawyers fighting your case.

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