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Nowadays, criminal charges and arrests can happen to just about anyone. Whether it is a matter of having made bad choices, being at the wrong place at the wrong time or being a victim of someone's wrongdoing and false accusations, no one is immune to legal situations. So what do you do when you are charged with any criminal offenses? Call us!

At The Wadhawan Law Firm, our Fort Bend Criminal Defense Attorneys have extensive experience defending and protecting individual's legal rights. We examine the charges and meticulously analyze any evidence in attempt to find possibilities to dismiss the charges. If a trial is inevitable, our efficient defense strategies are put into practice to successfully support our clients.

In the cases of a plea agreement, the aim is to reduce charges or sentences. We will always work diligently when it comes to obtaining the minimum charges or reduced sentences. To mount an effective criminal defense, an attorney must not only have an extensive knowledge of Texas criminal law, but he must also possess an in-depth understanding of the procedures and strategies used by the police and prosecutors to convict those charged with having violated the Texas criminal laws. We at The Wadhawan Law Firm have the necessary knowledge, skills, education and experience to serve as your criminal defense attorney while we fight your Texas arrest and criminal charges.

If you are charged with any criminal case, don't try to handle the situation by yourself. Leave it to the successful and experienced lawyers of The Wadhawan Law Firm to solve your legal situations.

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